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We represent victims of serious accidents and the families of those who have suffered loss or death due to the negligence of others. John R. Butz brings extensive experience to the job of establishing liability and determining sources of recovery. We work routinely with insurance adjusters, doctors and hospitals, and accident reconstructionists , and our experience enables us to resolve matters efficiently. John R. Butz is a trial-proven attorney and ready to go to court whenever necessary. We handle automobile, truck, and motorcycle collisions, as well as dog bite claims. Mr. Butz also has a relationship with an attorney who handles medical and nursing home negligence cases with great success. Our experience at helping people after such catastrophes allows them to focus on recovering. We handle these cases on a contingency basis, so our clients do not pay us for our services except from any award we produce.

Divorce and dissolution are difficult,

especially when children and property divisions are involved. John R. Butz has handled countless divorce, dissolution, spousal support and custody cases, and understands the law, as well as each client's very human issues. Attorney Butz’s experience in these matters benefits his clients greatly by facilitating a resolution to complex issues efficiently and effectively

Skilled & Experienced

John R. Butz has represented people who have been charged with crimes since he began practicing law 50 years ago. He handles these cases sensitively, knowledgeably and effectively. Attorney Butz has handled thousands of matters through the years, achieving the best possible result for his clients by utilizing his winning trial skills and successful negotiation abilities. Attorney Butz believes strongly in protecting his clients' rights and is committed to providing each person he represents with the best possible defense. Attorney Butz has been successful in obtaining resolutions that take the realities of work and family into consideration. He is particularly sensitive to the effect that the criminal justice system has on his clients. His guidance and advice are goal-specific towards a return to normal life as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, Mr. Butz has been active in both local and state bar association activities. He has also served by assignment about 40 years as an acting judge and magistrate.
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John R. Butz, LLC. is a full service law firm. Our attorneys specialize in: Domestic Relations, Criminal, and General Litigation.

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